Neural network graphics embedded in 3D visualization
We work at the intersection of industries
We are experimenting with introducing neural network graphics into virtual and physical clothing, simplifying, speeding up and delegating design processes to machines.
- We cooperate with a knitwear production factory, exchanging knowledge and experience to create a new smart production chain.
- We release our own digital clothing collections and conduct virtual shows at International Fashion Weeks.
- Exploring the possibilities of clothes and shoes fitting using AR.
- We are interested in generative art.
Digital clothing is an unlimited space for imagination and the creation of the most daring designs, self-expression and hypothesis testing. Before the release of a physical model, we visualize it and vote will we do this model or not.
Will this style be in demand? Does this world need such a design and should we spend materials, money and time on it? We believe in what we produce and are happy to wear all models in everyday life.
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