We create clothing collections

We create product designs in 3D, approve the appearance of the model even before sewing, help organize logistics and production work, as well as create content with the promo company of the collection
Market analysis, creation of a mudboard, selection of a color palette, selection of materials for creating clothing models, creation of technical sketches and collection of models in a capsule, creation of branding and prints
Pattern making, technological map, confection support, modeling of clothes on an avatar customized to the desired size grid. Adjustment of the physical properties of tissues and refinement of patterns. Correction of design flaws on the 3D projection and its subsequent approval. The render.
Assistance with the search for production facilities, quality control of samples, organization of logistics of materials. Communication during the delivery of the collection to shipment
Rendering of full CG and VFX commercials based on the created 3D models of products that we used at the stage of creating the idea of the collection. By the time the collection is released, we will have promo content ready

Development your collection design
Market analysis, creation of a mood board, selection of a color palette, selection of materials for the collection, creation of the first sketches and a collection in a capsule.
2D Graphics
Creation of placement and allover of prints, rapports, selection of pantones, preparation of technical specifications for a print factory.
Technical sketching
Creation of a working black and white / color technical sketch on a blank model in Adobe Illustrator, outside / inside view with a detailed description of the details. Drawing up technical specifications for production.
Building a 3D model
Creation of a 3D model based on ready-made patterns in DXF format with a clear specification for the purpose of further launching the model into production or creating commercials with a realistic texture.
Creating a digital lookbook
Rendering 3D models and collecting the images into a single presentation.
Brief - is a document in which the customer of the project describes the requirements for it and expectations from the results of the studio's work, so that we can calculate the cost and tell the approximate deadlines.

Please write your name, position and the name of the company on behalf of which you are making the request
Please write your nickname in telegram, phone number or e-mail
What tasks of your business would you like to solve by creating a collection with us? Why do you create merch? Who will wear it (employees or distributors at events, etc.) What message would you like to convey to your target audience? Will you do content and marketing activities with a sword?
Who do you compare yourself to from the competition? Are there any visual examples of the complexity of the products? Who are you targeting as a designer? Do you know what kind of assortment will be produced or should we put forward our proposal?
What is the planned batch size? Is there a clear understanding of the number of unique model designs? Do I need help finding productions? Will the collection be unisex / men's / women's? One size or size-height gradation? Do I need help ordering materials and arranging logistics before production?
Does your company have a brandbook (logo, fonts, style recommendations, etc.)? Will a placement or AOP graphics be created (printed on a ready-made product)? Do you plan to make custom elements (fittings, ribbons, ribbons, patches, etc.)? Do you have a design for tags and labels or do you need to offer them from our side?
Do you have a deadline or are we working at a free pace? Do you have a budget fork that we can focus on in terms of price and quality?
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