School of Creative Industries
Russian free additional education for teenagers in Gusev, Kaliningrad region
To raise highly qualified specialists who will remain in the field of creative industries and will create the best projects for the whole world while in Russia
All students go through all directions and try out professions. They make individual projects and participate in intensive courses / master classes.
1 Year
2 Year
Students choose a specialization and begin an in-depth study of the discipline. They create individual and group projects with real cases of school partners.
3 Year
Students join groups and do interdisciplinary global projects together with other areas.
Who will study?
The educational program is designed to teach teenagers aged 12 to 17 years who are interested in various areas of creative industries (animation, graphic design, fashion, sound engineering and modern electronic music, photo and video production and visual effects, modern interactive technologies), are ready to work in a group and participate in project activities.
How long does the training last?
The total duration of the program is 864 academic hours, 288 hours per year. The training schedule is 3 times a week, 1 time for 4 academic hours and 2 times for 2 academic hours.
How many people are in the group?
In SCI, recruitment is carried out for 120 budget places. Each direction is designed for simultaneous training and work of 10 teenagers with modern equipment. Such a large number of students allows you to fully devote time to each student, as well as organize work in small groups on various creative tasks and projects.
Online or offline format?
The School's educational program can be implemented both completely offline and in a mixed learning format (during a pandemic or other force majeure circumstances). It is important for us that students get the skills to work on modern equipment directly in the studios of the School.
How much does the training cost?
Education at the School of Creative Industries is organized on a free basis. The School's program does not involve additional costs, except for those gadgets that are necessary for online classes in the case of switching to distance learning.
What do graduates get?
Graduates of the School of Creative Industries receive not only a certificate of the established sample, but also, based on the results of mastering the program, they will collect their professional creative portfolio. The educational program provides an opportunity to get an idea of the main directions of creative industries, master the process of implementing creative projects (pre-production - production - post-production), immerse yourself in the chosen direction of one of the studios of the School.
Where can I see information about the educational organization of the SCI?
To do this, you can click on the LINK and view all the documentation with information about the educational organization including:
  • Basic information
  • Structure and management of an educational organization
  • Documents
  • License
  • Education
  • Guide. Teaching staff
  • Material and technical support and equipment of the educational process
  • Financial and economic activity
  • Vacant places for admission of students
How do I get to school if I missed receiving applications?
To clarify this issue, it is better to call our administrator by phone +7 (983) 565-58-88
    What is there in Gusev?
    Gusev (until 1946 Gumbinnen) is a city in the Kaliningrad region. The population is about 29 thousand people. The Pissa River divides it into two parts - the right bank "Old Town" and the left bank "New Town", which are connected by two reinforced concrete road bridges and one pedestrian bridge.
    The city has always been an industrial center. Yes, there were many industrial enterprises located here, such as an agricultural machinery plant, a gas plant, a locomotive depot, an electrical equipment assembly shop of the Opel plant, a furniture factory, four brick factories. The food industry was represented by a beer factory, two mills, cheese and butter factories. During the Soviet period, the city housed a lighting fittings plant, a Microdrive plant, a Chaika factory, a thermal power plant, and a butter factory. After Perestroika, many industrial enterprises fell into disrepair. At the beginning of the XXI century, the restoration of industry begins slowly. In partnership with the European Union, a wastewater treatment plant is being built in the city. Since 2008, a project to create an innovative cluster of Technopolis GS has been implemented in Gusev. In 2009 , the first plants in its composition were opened: NGO "Digital Television Systems" (production of set-top boxes) and "Prankor" (production of TV receiver cases). In 2010, two new production facilities were opened: the Bely Klyuch house-building plant and the First Cardboard Factory. GS Nanotech, a microelectronics development and production center (SSD drives), was commissioned in 2012.
    Admission to SCI
    New academic year 2022-23 has been announced!

    To enroll in the School of Creative Industries and start studying this September, you need to download the application form for enrollment, print and fill in all the boxes, as well as send the scanned document to us by mail or bring it live to the address Gusev, Ul. Ulyanov, house 1
    Founder of the studio Sxema - B2B production in the field of Digital Fashion. Producer of the Metaverse direction in the 2MRW studio. WorldSkills Russia expert in the competence of "Fashion Technology". Member of MBFWR, BDFW. Laureate of the award for the support of talented youth of the President of the Russian Federation
    SCI supervisor
    General Director for the regions of the Flacon ecosystem, manager of design residences, federal expert in the field of creative industries. Responsible for the federal program for the development of design residences in Russia. Curator of the Flacon Academy - a campus for managers of creative industries.
    Curator of graphic design and UX/UI direction
    Founder of the multimedia studio CATS.DIGITAL specializing in the creation of digital avatars, animation, 3D environment. Ex. CEO and co-founder of THE creative studio THE specializing in digital art and virtual characters.
    Curator character creation and animation direction
    Producer of the Post Tribe video production studio. Over the past 3 years, he has worked with such artists as Asap Rocky, Willow Smith, LJ, L'one, Alexander Gudkov, Monetochka and others. He worked on the world's first XR concert for MTS.
    Curator photo and video production, VFX effects direction
    Senior 3D designer of Sxema Studio (digital clothing, shoes, accessories, space, animation). Worked on projects with brands Levi's, Converse, Rubber, Libresse, Orby, Haliki and others. As part of the creative team of the studio, she participated in Brazilian Digital Fashion Week. Creator of NFT Digital Fashion collections, participant of NFT exhibitions.
    Curator digital fashion direction
    Founder of the recording and rehearsal studio "Research Institute of Electrical Sound" Kaliningrad. A full cycle of recording, processing, and mixing musical material with the output quality of a commercial media product. Organizer of music and art festivals at the venues of Kaliningrad, Vladivostok.
    Curator of modern music and sound design direction
    General Director of PLASMADGET LLC. The winner of the startup competition at the IP Quorum Intellectual Property Forum. Teacher of Additional Education (VR/AR) Russian State Institute of Contemporary Art. Teaching the basics of interactive digital technologies, VR / AR technologies.
    Curator interactive technologies AR/VR/XR direction
    The school cooperates with partners from various industries. This allows us to form educational programs based on the needs of the market and providing students with everything they need for the most effective training and practice.
    SCI teachers are talented representatives of various creative industries. Our specialists conduct an active professional practice and follow the current global trends not only in their industry, but also in the field of education.
    Our partners
    Still have questions?
    We will be happy to answer them!
    +7 (983) 565-58-88
    230055, Russia, Kaliningrad region, Gusev city, Ul. Ulyanov, house 1
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