Brand strategy, analysis, positioning, creative concept, content creation, integration into meta platforms, NFT, working with the community, digital fitting, AR and VR solutions.

Analysis of WEB 3 & metaverse communication channels and various platforms.
Web3 & metaverse positioning, brand ideology, target audience, communication strategy.
Innovative ideas that can change the attitude towards your brand. Creative concepts and solutions.
Branding and identity
Corporate identity, logos, packaging, etc..
Collection design
Creating a moodboard, selecting a color palette, creating the first sketches, selecting materials and accessories for the collection.
Texture creation
Creating unique graphics. Placement and AOP prints. Realistic textures of materials for digital garments.
3D Visualization
Creating 3D models of clothes, shoes, accessories based on our or your sketches / references / concept.
Creating a digital avatar
Creating a digital model / avatar / character for your PR company / virtual fashion show / representative of your brand according to your references / photo / concept.
VR spaces
Development of virtual spaces and showrooms.
Preparing your 3D collection for integration in different meta platforms
We help brands switch to digital format and start selling their collections on virtual retailers' platforms observing all their requirements.
Digital fittings
We help virtual clothing brands to make digital fittings for their clients on the photo.
AR masks
Creating AR masks from nothing or adapting your 3D models to the required format.
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