NFT-exhibitions, parties and other events for which we create content
Over the years, SXEMA has created a community of enthusiasts not only from fashion, but also from the field of contemporary art. We participate in other people's exhibitions and open schools, as well as hold our own events and actively share our experience with the audience.
NFT-exhibitions, parties and other events for which we create content
Over the years, SXEMA has created a community of enthusiasts not only from fashion, but also from the field of contemporary art. We participate in other people's exhibitions and open schools, as well as hold our own events and actively share our experience with the audience.
Exhibition "Cultural Code" at Supermetall

Exhibition of NFT art on a multimedia screen in the space of Supermetall. Rethinking the cultural code through the prism of digital technologies and neuro art.

A little fantasy on the topic of the distant future, when automation will be put on stream and artificial intelligence will be able to independently create and design clothes, as well as arrange shows even at a time when the world is already abandoned or, conversely, not yet inhabited by people.
Mighty Titan that gaining energy resources to whole city. Half creature and half machine thing can produce almost unlimited energy, however the technology of titans still remains unknown.
Timmy The Robot: Lonely For The World
Animation about a small part of a huge journey of a lonely Timmy robot through a deserted world of the future, so far away that humanity disappeared there a long time ago. Timmy is accompanied by his faithful mechanical companion FuLi, a dragonfly that serves as Timmy's eyes and ears, guiding him through the barren wasteland.
Metamorphosis and mimicry of the world, where a person, being part of a whole structure, interacts with nature and the universe. Creating their own new structures and integrating themselves into them, divides worlds. Creating virtuality builds new gods of influence. When technogenesis exposed transhumanism to posthumanism. The process of metamorphosis is launched irrevocably, leaving an imprint of influence on the cognitive system.
A project inspired by the plots and aesthetics of Andrei Tarkovsky.
Generated entirely by a text query using the Disco Diffusion neural network. To create the video, no additional training of the model was conducted on Tarkovsky's materials, the video was generated from scratch using information already existing in the dataset.
From the "Finding the 12 Diamonds of Life" collection
The second title is "Escape."
"Flight of Imagination"
With this work artist tried to give breath to his own dreams and visual representations of the world. Often, when you are in an active sense of the world, you forget to pause. That pause is necessary. During it, one can discover the beautiful vistas and details that time holds within it.
A creative dish with the idea that in life you should not freeze in place. The destruction in the background is our doubts and anxieties that need to be passed and overcome like a skateboard. And some neon.
In the work, the geometry of fractals was modeled in a three-dimensional program based on an algorithm. The work is inspired by the book "Fractal Geometry of Nature" by Benoit Mandelbrot, which compares unique, but at the same time subject to general laws fractals with human life.
Techno Flora 3D compositions are a reinterpretation of the metaphorical language of fine art of the past centuries. In contrast with the colors of pristine nature, the unnatural nature of the digital processes taking place is exposed.
Ksenia Bogdanova
The work is called "Syncerity Issue" and the title reflects the message. People unconsciously wear a mask, hiding their true face, meaning, trying to protect themselves from vulnerability. The work shows a real angel-like man inside, who wears a metal mask that serves as a symbolic protection from emotional threats.
В волшебной арт-вселенной Napasio World как нигде можно заметить, что черное и белое, день и ночь, добро и зло - это не только непримиримые противоположности, но также части одного целого. Всё - одно. Особенно, в Napasio World, где никто не удивляется тому, что день и ночь могут существовать одновременно.

The animations for the humanoid character were created based on the feelings evoked by the third movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (Presto Agitato). The goal was to convey the emotions of personal experiences and the inability to do as you want, perhaps feelings of unrequited love. Also, a metal crown of thorns was created for the character as a symbol of suffering and a heavy burden on the soul.
Concert - Dedication of MIAI students

Annually, MIAI University hosts a grand ceremony - the initiation of freshmen into universityhood, where the institution organizes significant concert venues and puts up amazing shows so that young students can cherish their memory for a lifetime. On October 1, 2022, the SXEMA team was responsible for the creative design of one of these events, curating content that was in perfect sync with the artistes' performances. In the curation process, we showcased not only CG art but also neural abstractions, all seamlessly integrated with the musical score.

A digital shoe exhibition was recently held at the 2MRW NFT gallery on Supermetal, featuring various artists' interpretations of digital sneakers. For the art exhibition, the artists' imagination was the only limitation, with some choosing to focus on colors and crafting bright and fruity sneakers, while others worked on the form and went with a cyberpunk aesthetic. SXEMA supervised the setup of the exhibition space where guests could explore the works, interact with artists in real-time and ask questions in person.
Kirill Chirkov
The most sexiest sneakers in all metaverses.
In nearest future this sneakers will be available in metaverses. Each pair of shoes is designed in style of one particular food emoji.
Alexander Antipov
We collaborated with yea2098, using their sneakers as an artistic canvas. These shoes have a high platform and comfortable lacing, making them the perfect companion for your cross-country adventures.
Pavel Kharitonov
These cyber sneakers cater to true enthusiasts of futuristic fashion. Our media artist incorporated unconventional materials, introducing futuristic textures not found in our present time, which add a unique element of style to the sneakers.
Karen Artyan
Unique chunky-soled sneakers are presented at KAY LAB with special columns that allow for levitating exposures. The peculiarity of these sneakers is the replaceable back of the sole on a unique mechanism. The work is available on the OpenSea site.
Exhibition NFT HORSES Ivanovo field
The International Equestrian Festival "Ivanovo Field" together with the studio sxema held an exhibition of works by digital artists!

The organizers opted to expand their focus beyond physical spaces and reinvigorate the image of strong and graceful animals through an interactive NFT exhibition. The artists' works were displayed on a six-meter LED screen, visible to over 10,000 festival visitors in three days.

All the works were exhibited on the Foundation platform, where they can be purchased in their collection.
Ilya Kharin
"Long way" this is a long thorny path of a horse that has traveled a considerable distance in search of a bright future, and this is only the middle of its path.
Kirill Chirkov
The Soviet Union hasn't split up and has chosen the technogenic path of development. Unfortunately, humanity did not avoid World War III. Today no one needs the achievements of Soviet scientists and nature began to take back what was rightfully hers. It's a new era. The Age of Biotech Postapocalypse.
Pavel Kharitonov
Neon Ruins is an abandoned world where robotic assistants still function and perform their duties thanks to impeccable algorithms.
Sxema, together with the 2MRW Gallery and the Supermetal space, organized the NFT exhibition "LOOK 3.0", which presented the work of digital artists. In their canvases they reflect on our images in the metaverses and virtual worlds of WEB 3.0.

Work from a digital clothing collection for virtual influencers "Rabin collection".
Inspired by brutalist architecture. The artist tried to use the least amount of materials when creating it. Just like concrete, steel and glass in the city, only metal, leather and cotton were used here.
Candy crash is a work presented as part of the SOLO project, which talks about female aesthetics. The artist broadcasts his images and ideas about female beauty and transfers them to a digital canvas.
Igor Starostyuk
In collaboration with Jane.K, the artist presents her new chrome logo, which is made in a futuristic style. Through shapes, textures and lighting, the work reveals the aesthetics of the female body, translating through acid-poisonous colors in contrast to the bright sunset.
Karen Artyan
In his work, Karen presented an immortal humanoid creature of incredible beauty. People, mistaking her for a deity, have been revering her since the 22nd century. Priests who have the opportunity to see her with their own eyes make an offering in the form of the most beautiful rose, grown especially for her, all their lives. In response, she "strews the path with roses", which means - to remove all obstacles, to make the road easy and comfortable for the people who revere her.

Julia Salnikova
Artwork inspired by the artist aeforia. Harmony, beauty and aesthetic style are collected in a picture that reflects the purest and most pleasant feelings. Indescribable lightness and peace are read in conjunction with the audio component, which is an integral part of this canvas.
Kirill Urusov