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SXEMA - B2B studio that works with 3D/ VFX/ AR/ VR / AI projects in the field of design development and content creation. We create concepts and graphics, draw technical sketches, build patterns, create 3D visualizations of clothing models and characters, virtual environments and animated video content, put objects into augmented and virtual reality, work with neural networks and think over the digital mechanics of audience interaction with your product.

Digital presentation of your product is
a new marketing tool
You can talk to your audience in different ways: through a digital influencer, through fascinating motion videos, through AR and VR mechanic integrations. Describe your product to us and we will come up with ideas for its best presentation to your potential customers.
NFT exhibitions and SXEMA art community
Over the years, SXEMA has created a community of enthusiasts not only from fashion, but also from the field of contemporary art. We participate in other people's exhibitions and open calls, as well as hold our own events and actively share our experience with the audience.
What is virtual clothing?
These are items created using computer graphics. Such things can be put on virtual models, embedded in games, used for virtual clothing try-on or as an AR mask. The pieces can look "natural" or, on the contrary, be created deliberately fantastical and unrealizable in real life. We provide support for the transition and integration into the world of digital clothing.
A new approach to the production of physical products
All members of our team have experience in the Fashion business. We understand how both couture and mass-market are produced. When working with clothing brands, we offer the introduction of 3D visualization and neural art into the production cycle. These technologies help to make a decision about the final look of the model even before the sample is sewn, and it is also profitable to show the product both within the company and to your audience on the brand's social networks.
Which of the clothing brands has already entered the new META 3D clothing market?
Fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Nike, Adidas, and many others have released their collections of virtual clothing.
They introduce their clothes in the form of skins into online games and open their own virtual spaces and conduct digital fitting.

In August 2021, the Gucci brand sold the NFT Dionysus handbag for $4,100 — more expensive than its real version at a price of $2,550.
Which of the companies not related to the fashion segment entered the META market?
On April 11, a plot of land on the Decentraland platform was sold for $572,000. On the same platform, Samsung Electronics America opened a branded store, its own Miller Light beer bar, and JPMorgan became the first bank in the virtual space.
What for?
Engaging digital content and expanding your audience among the younger generation.

Digital transformation of your business is a new marketing tool, as well as optimization of the clothing production process.

Meta platforms are a progressive investment asset.
Studio SXEMA in numbers
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    Years of continuous work since the foundation of the studio
  • 104
    Implemented projects for Russian and international clients
  • 50
    Artists in our


Each brand is unique. Every project has its own deadlines, complexity of implementation and goals that the client is trying to achieve. Something is done for the purpose of producing content for social networks and is published instantly, something is done for internal use and cannot be made public. Here is a list of companies we have worked with. By clicking on the logos, you can go to the projects pages that we were allowed to demonstrate as a case.
Creating a New Year's 3D video clip with a presentation of the brand's new products (bags and accessories)
Digitization of shoes, collaboration with bloggers to customize models, digital fitting
Digitization of 18 models of accessories and shoes for the brand's phygital fashion show
Creating a 3D video clip with the presentation of a new clothing collection
Neural graphics for broadcasting on the Ostankino Tower
Creating a 3D video for the announcement of a brand gift card
Creating a digital dress according to the client's sketch, fitting on bloggers' photos
Creation of three 3D video clips for the design of the customer's event for 1500 people
Creating a 3D video to announce the release of the brand's new collection
Creating a 3D video clip with the presentation of new down jackets of the chinese brand
Digitization of Levis brand jeans models. Digital fitting for bloggers and collaboration with artist MISHA MOST
Creating clothes and simulating 52 characters of a video about the client's products
More detailed answers to these and other questions can be found in our blog or in the articles of our VK community.
About our team
A creative group consisting of enthusiasts with absolutely different expertise. Machine learning, 2D & 3D graphics, fashion designers, AR masks, digital avatars and spaces.
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We like to share our knowledge and act as curators of several educational programs
About our artists, approaches, projects and more in the blog.
In our blog we publish interviews with artists who have ever worked with the Sxema team and seemed to us interesting innovators in their field.
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