SXEMA - B2B studio that works with 3D/ VFX/ AR/ VR / AI projects in the field of design development and content creation.

Digital presentation of your product is
a new marketing tool
You can talk to your audience in different ways: through a digital influencer, awesome motion videos, as well as through VFX videos with the addition of your objects to a pre-filmed real environment. Describe to us the tasks that you would like to achieve with advertising integration and we will put forward proposals for implementation.
NFT exhibitions and SXEMA art community
Over the years, SXEMA has created a community of enthusiasts not only from fashion, but also from the field of contemporary art. We participate in other people's exhibitions and open calls, as well as hold our own events and actively share our experience with the audience.
What is virtual clothing?
These are items created using computer graphics. Such things can be put on virtual models, embedded in games, used for virtual clothing try-on or as an AR mask. The pieces can look "natural" or, on the contrary, be created deliberately fantastical and unrealizable in real life. We provide support for the transition and integration into the world of digital clothing.
A new approach to the production of physical products
All members of our team have experience in the Fashion business. We understand how both couture and mass-market are produced. When working with clothing brands, we offer the introduction of 3D visualization and neural art into the production cycle. These technologies help to make a decision about the final look of the model even before the sample is sewn, and it is also profitable to show the product both within the company and to your audience on the brand's social networks.
Contacts us
Describe your project and send it to us by email. We will try to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.
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Studio SXEMA in numbers
  • 3
    Years of continuous work since the foundation of the studio
  • 100+
    Completed commercial projects for Russian and international clients
  • 9
    Members of the sxema studio
  • 200+
    Freelancers have worked on our projects
  • 10
    Organized exhibitions and opencall of digital art/fashion
  • 300+
    Students have completed our educational programs in the field of phygital fashion
Our projects
Each brand is unique. Every project has its own deadlines, complexity of implementation and goals that the client is trying to achieve. Something is done for the purpose of producing content for social networks and is published instantly, something is done for internal use and cannot be made public. Here is a list of companies we have worked with. By clicking on the logos, you can go to the projects pages that we were allowed to demonstrate as a case.
More detailed answers to these and other questions can be found in our blog or in the articles of our VK community.
  • Tsapaeva Ekaterina
    Producer 404/wear
    We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently the team completed the project. The team was ready to take on the project, despite the tight deadlines. They correctly requested and received the TK, and then it remained only to wait for the result. The most pleasant project with specialists.
  • Trofimova Olga
    Producer "Люди добрые"
    The most pleasant impressions from working with the Scheme: management, speed of work, understanding of the task and high-quality implementation, everything is on the level. I advise the guys to all friends who need 3d, and this says a lot.
  • Sergey Skribo
    Owner «Юность», «Овсянка», Extra
    I saw the sxema case with neural knitwear and got the idea to create neural prints for my brand. We have created a drop of winter jackets designed in 3D with generated patterns. The collection was immediately sold out. The colleagues did an excellent job.
SXEMA at Supermetall
Usually we are in the office from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: Russia, Moscow, 2nd Baumanskaya str., 9/23 c 3, office 5

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