JUNE 2021
Brazil Digital Fashion Week
AW 21 Neural network monster show

SXEMA exploring different aspects of generative design and 3D art. We developed a neural network that created generative art, which later became the starting point for our graphics direction. We trained StyleGANv2, used official Nvidia tensorflow implementation and wrote an interface to explore network capabilities.We received a huge number of unique images that we plan to use in our work further.

"This is the monster inside me" - is the main idea in our collection. We are all unique. Everyone has a different background that influenced on personality standing and formed inner fears, impulses and motives for actions that are not clear to the uninitiated. We suppress our feelings, muffle colors and shades. There is a little monster in each of us. It rushes out, it wants freedom, maybe it's time to release it?

We analyzed the trends on the WGSN portal, made a mood board, a color board, and outlined the silhouettes. Our neural art looked like both monsters and aliens at the same time, the shape of space suits turned into down jackets, and helmets into balaclavas. We contacted the Brazilian Digital Fashion Week and arranged a show. Brazil is in the other hemisphere and in June they are at the height of the winter season. And so it all turned out well.

Especially for this collection we created 5 unique avatars. Soon we are planning to open a modeling agency on our website and share digital characters with other designers, so that this content does not lie idle. For Brazilian Digital Fashion Week on June 25, 2021, we created a 4 minute video presentation showing our 3D clothes. It was broadcast online on the Twitch platform in three replays. At the same time, we agreed with the digital reseller Dress-x to exclusively sell our clothes in their store.
Nikita Plaksin - Neural network

Eva Sviridova - 3D Apparel design, AR and render

Maria Pergousheva - Graphic and 3D Apparel design

Svetlana Soloveva - 3D Apparel design help

Rusalina Amirova - 3D Avatars

Ilyas Darakchiev - 3D Shoes and AR

Alex Koma - Graphic

Nastya Chernukha - Video production

ISWT - Sound