Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

We created a virtual scene that redefined the russian urban landscape - PANELKA - and integrated these arts into digital and physical garments.
This started with an AI experiment. We selected 10,000 pictures of typical buildings in the post-Soviet era, and artificial intelligence drew a view of Panelka. For us, this is the essence of Russian architecture, one of the most representative of russian characteristic of modern time. We trained styleGANv3 network to imitate panel houses and explored the idea. By adjusting the attributes of AI, we found that even dull houses can become colourful - and express what is hidden below the paleness.
Artificial intelligence do not have any prejudice. It will generate the most unusual combinations above the established stereotypes. We put them in 3D clothing and knit real garments. We made a fashion collection inspired by street fashion and recent trends.
Digital clothing is a kind of content, that can be used as a mask for self-presentation and self-concealment. It can be made of any material, even not-existent one! In the virtual world, we can freely set the fabric attributes without physical restrictions and let virtual people wear it. Is'nt it magic?!
Nikita Plaksin - Neural network

Eva Sviridova - 3D Apparel design and render

Ksenia Galushkina - 3D Animator and avatar creator

Maria Pergousheva - Graphic and 3D Apparel design

Ilyas Darakchiev - 3D Shoes

Nastya Chernukha - Video production

Vika Severnoe - Sound