C7MЬ x Sxema. Neuroprints in a new collaboration

Sxema is a design studio that can develop a complete collection of clothing, from the initial idea to overseeing the production of sewing samples. We handle graphic design, material selection, pattern design, create 3D visualizations for future products, compile technical documentation, and assist in finding suitable factories.

C7MЬ is a streetwear brand that successfully embodies freedom and style through its products. The team approached us with a request to create a new clothing collection that not only exudes style but also stands out from the competition by incorporating a fresh approach, blending elements of art and technology.

They envisioned each piece not merely as a wardrobe item but as a fully-fledged work of art. To imbue the collection with depth and meaning, the brand aimed to incorporate new technologies, exploring the realms of neural networks and 3D visualization.
To address the challenge, we decided to collaborate with the neuro-artists from our Sxema community. Working together, we aimed not only to create clothing patterns but also to produce unique neuroprints, transforming them into genuine works of art.

The project kicked off with the development of virtual 3D models for the clothing, serving as the foundation for the prints. This approach allowed us to experiment with the prints at various scales, eliminating the need for additional physical samples. Concurrently, the creation of neuroprints was in progress, with Valery Titov and Akopto overseeing the generation process.

Alongside the artists, we sifted through more than a hundred generated patterns.
As a result, we settled on those options that fit best both visually and conceptually.
Each print by the artists had its own distinctive style, conveyed through the use of color, composition, figures, and more. Additionally, one of the prints was crafted by graphic designer Maria Kogai, who manually curated a pattern to embody the identity of both the C7MЬ brand and the SXEMA studio.

As a result, we now have a stylish collection of clothing at the intersection of fashion, art, and technology, collaboratively created with artificial intelligence. This collection is already available for purchase on the brand's website and in C7MЬ offline stores.
Команда проекта:
Digital studio Sxema;
Design designer and visualization: Svetlana Soloveva, Olga Prodan;
Print design: neuro artists Akopto и Valeria Titova, графический дизайнер Maria Kogai.