SXEMA Office on Supermetall

We inform you about what we do and how to locate us.
Офис с картинами цифровых художников на экранах, неоновая подсветка на Supermetall
Our 'creative zone' is more than just an office; it's a physical space of inspiration where we come together with our team, generate new ideas, and bring them to life.
Работа цифрового художника на экране офиса
We specialize in developing 3D visualizations for clothing and accessories, creating immersive spaces, integrating items into augmented reality, and producing content for various brands.
How to reach us?
Our address is 2nd Baumanskaya St., 9/23 with 3, Supermetall. Our office is situated on the ground floor. Upon entering, turn left, and you will encounter two large screens showcasing our projects and the works of digital artists.