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Eva Sviridova founded the studio "SXEMA" and is the curator of the school of creative Industries at the school, which accepts teenagers from 12 to 17 years old for free. There are 6 disciplines taught there, including digital fashion. SXEMA also works with physical products, unlike most digital content creators.
Sviridova Eva initially received an education as a designer-technologist of clothing, then worked as a designer and only then took up 3D modeling and founded her own studio.
Fashion is one of the dirtiest industries. The second after the oil industry. How are clothes made in the old production chain? The corporation has an analysis of sales from previous seasons, which model shot, which color came in, what is their bestseller from season to season. They also have a budget that they can spend on the production of new products. Bestsellers need to be repeated ad nauseam, only changing colors and maybe a little bit of patterns, but over time people will want new silhouettes, so more positions are introduced into the lines.
Studio SXEMA is particularly engaged in digital visualization of clothing, the importance of which lies in the fact that it helps to speed up the approval process of samples and collections for brands. So, instead of sewing a lot of models to determine the appropriate style, you can model a thing and immediately fix it, if necessary.
In digital fashion, as well as in physical fashion, the quality of work is important, and experts from the games and animation industry have helped it grow. Big brands began to order content, and the prices for the production of videos began to rise. Nevertheless, experts from the fashion world have also started to engage in digital fashion, and in three years the quality of their work has increased significantly.
Investors from the United States have invested $ 20 million in an AR platform that creates a stir in the market. The market capitalization is growing exponentially, for example, in 2019, the capitalization of Digital Fashion was $ 13 million, and now it is about $ 500 million. Despite the fact that money is concentrated in the USA and Asia, there are also many startups in the CIS, including those founded by Russian-speaking teams. Despite some difficulties in the development of the industry in Russia, smart, cool IT specialists and designers continue to work in this area and offer new innovative solutions.
We have a database - a library of patterns. To understand what it is, you can imagine models with one size, and they can replace the sleeve, change the neck, and now the new model is ready. The client can make such an order with us or do it manually. You can do anything with the finished thing, for example, create an AR mask or put it in a VR space.
Many are afraid that neural networks will replace people, but this will never happen. We must use modern technologies, because they speed up and facilitate the creative process. The future of Fast Fashion will be Digital fashion, immersive content, and the future of clothing is high-quality long-term things.
Now things are one-day - posted, friends liked, and that's it. Today there is even such a trend that a person wears only 20 percent of things, and the remaining 80 just hang. People realized that things have a content production functionality. Today, digital content is only developing, and when the tracking technologies that make Zero and Snap look decent, it will further increase the quality of content. We need to develop software, do digital things and talk about it publicly. All this is important so that the technology becomes cheaper. Awareness of people and digital content that becomes on the border of the real - all this is increasingly popularizing digital things, and there are many services with which you can try them on yourself.
One of the promising platforms today is Roblox. It creates games and a multiplayer world in which users generate content. This is what all platforms are going for now. Roblox has a school for teaching game development. Educational processes are shifted to games. Games are a way of life. You need to think about your personal brand. The algorithm for entering the profession is to join the community, choose idols, create your own style, maintain your personal brand and receive orders. You can participate in 3D contests and reality shows to learn quickly. In the Meta universe, you can find a new audience.
If you want to work out the view from the point of view of design, the plan is as follows:

-you need to find a community for yourself in which it will be comfortable, which will move you forward

-if you are targeting the domestic market, you may have a super-promoted VK profile

-if you are aiming for a foreign market, create a portfolio on Behance, add yourself to Linkedin and write directly to all interesting industry players

-as for the programs, choose your specialization. Don't try to learn everything at once. By studying software, you start using visualization. For example, you can use Blender for textures, and for animation - simulation of penetration in Clo. If you want a better render, switch to another software. This is a gradual process, no need to rush at everything at once

-if you want to find a job, you need to create a portfolio to show your skills. You can create author's content, but you need to have a certain set of skills to work in the office

-to form a team for a project, you can join the community. The main thing is to find an order, and this requires high-quality skills.
They say that you can quit making clothes and make avatars. This is normal, there is no need to be afraid of such statements. Physical clothing will still be produced. You need to understand that these two worlds will develop in parallel. The Digital Fashion market can give people jobs, hobbies and create a new segment in society. As long as people are willing to invest in it, it will be necessary.
Do not be afraid to lose your job - specialists will always be needed. Even if you are a 3D designer who works in the fashion industry, the content may change, but the advertising segment will always be in demand. If you are engaged in the technical side, then your skills will be in demand until some new technology is developed, and then there is already a fear of not being able to keep up with all the new developments. But it has always been important to improve their skills, so a person adapts to this.
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