Svetlana Solovyova

Hello designers!

Tell us a little about yourself, how did your journey begin and how did you become a digital fashion designer?

Hello) My name is Sveta. I am a 3d lead designer in the SXEMA team.

Four years ago, I became seriously interested in the topic of sustainable fashion. I worked on a brand of bags and actively experimented with alternative leather materials. My search led me to the Première Vision exhibition in Paris, where I saw digital clothing for the first time. Then I thought that design visualization would be just a tool, but almost immediately after starting the CLO program, I realized that I would stay in the digital space.

Now you work at SXEMA, what brought you here?

I have been at SXEMA since April 2021. Eva (Eva - Founder & 3D/AR Apparel designer SXEMA) was looking for people for the project. I found out about the vacancy through mutual friends and sent my work. So our joint work began.

Do I need to be able to work with physical clothing and receive proper education in order to design digital clothing?

If you have experience with physical clothing, then you have an undeniable advantage when working with the program. I didn't have one, I had to learn from scratch, and I'm still learning. But in 3D space, not everything works the way it does in the real world. And here practice, knowledge of tools and ingenuity play a role.
Where to start to enter the profession?need some kind of knowledge base?

The best base is fire in the eyes and attention to detail. YouTube will tell, and Pinterest will show everything else.

As a rule, clothing designers work with patterns when designing things. How is the process of creating things in the digital space, is there something in common with the physical world?

Similarly, if we work with hi-poly. Low-poly cassettes are created using a different technology.

Do you know how to work with patterns of physics? clothes?

I can "read" patterns, but I will never take up designing for production.

Knowledge of what software is necessary for the designer of numbers. clothes in our time?

Depends on the goals. If you want to develop a design for a future physical party, CLO is enough. Although patterns and their gradation are better done in other software, for example, Grafis.

If we are talking about an advertising product, Substance for textures, Blender or Cinema for creating animations and scenes.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It's better to ask Eva.)))

But I think responsibility is my strong point. You can row in the same boat with me in a storm.

Weak – I don't have enough design education. But I'm struggling with it.

Do you use the power of neural networks in your work?

Definitely. I think neural networks are a must. It's stupid not to use tools that can take your work to a new level. For fashion, these are not only concepts, but also unique prints.
Most recently, SXEMA presented work on a project for Kaspersky together with Dobro°ccs, tell me in a nutshell, what kind of project is this and what were you responsible for?

This is one of my most favorite and challenging projects. It was the first time I was a lead on it.

I was responsible for the "technical" communication, modeled some of the images and 99% of the simulations passed through me. I can say with confidence that I am now an expert in simulation.

Tips and recommendations.

How to avoid burnout?

Appreciate yourself and your work. It is very important to realize that hundreds of thousands – millions of projects are being done in the world at the same time and it is impossible to be on them all. Prioritize.

Which designers do you follow?

I consume a lot of content and follow different designers who are completely different from each other. But first of all I'm trying to figure out who I am and how to find my style.

Have you had any experience working on freelance exchanges? How to independently search for designer orders in our time?

Yes, I worked on exchanges. And I still take freelance orders, although rarely, because my priority is always orders with Sxema.

Where am I looking? Thematic telegram channels, instagram. Sometimes orders find me by themselves through recommendations.

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