Neural graphics on the Ostankino TV Tower

Neurogenerative graphics on Ostankino Tower

The SXEMA team, represented by Valeria Titova, Pavel Kharitonov, and Sergey Zharov, participated in the media art exhibition 'Visual Turn,' supported and organized by the open creative platform VK Prostor and Generative Gallery.

Our work was titled 'The Past Is Not the Future.' The creation for the large screens of the architectural centerpiece was accomplished using a 3D model of the human head and neurogenerative processing of warpfusion based on StableDiffusion.
The concept was formulated by Valeria Titova: the work is based on an hourglass as a symbol of time. People and professions from the past and present flow like sand into the people and professions of the future. However, all this sand remains inside the hourglass — nothing is in vain.

You can view our work and other pieces by various authors until September 27 (inclusive) on the facade of the Ostankino Tower from 20:00 to 20:40.