Digital art at the Russian Creative Week

Кирилл Чирков

Kirill Chirkov is a Moscow-based digital artist who creates immersive animations that transport viewers into parallel worlds. One of Kirill's main missions is to take digital art beyond the confines of device screens and integrate it into urban environments and popular culture.

The concept of the digital sneaker collection for metaverses flirts with popular culture and pays tribute to the sneakerhead movement.
Цифровая обувь в стилистике банана
The concept of the digital sneaker collection for metaverses flirts with popular culture and pays tribute to the sneakerhead movement.
Цифровая обувь в стилистике персика
The artist specializes in creating captivating digital artworks for personal collections, as well as for major exhibitions and commercial companies. Kirill also helps brands establish effective communication with their target audience through the medium of digital art. The artist's works are widely represented in exhibitions worldwide, from the bustling streets of New York to the Digital Art Theater in Dubai.

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19g & V

Цифровая одежда с элементами рыцарских доспех на виртуальном аватаре
Olga Gladilova and Vitaliy Grishchuk joined forces to create a collaborative digital piece. This artwork is a vivid example of postmodernist philosophy that reflects complex social and political issues of our time.

The main idea of the artwork is to depict the true position of women in modern society. The image of the main heroine confidently moving forward in an elegant dress with warrior-like accessories symbolizes the strength of women in our time.

Their significance, the desire to create and grow while protecting themselves, their rights, and their freedoms. However, the equally important element is the heads of men watching the movements of the heroine. This reflects the complexity of gender relations and the need to change established stereotypes and roles.
The artwork reflects the postmodernist concept that every individual deserves equality and freedom, regardless of gender, race, or social status. It is an important step in the fight for social justice and equality in our society.

Olga is a digital and physical clothing designer. She creates her own brand of digital clothing and accessories called 19G. Vitaliy has been working in the design field for seven years. He has a rich background in costume and fabric design, with four years of successful experience in this field. However, he has always been interested in the 3D direction, so he decided to take courses at the Isaev Workshop. Since then, he has been working at STATE OF MIND for two years, creating unique projects. In addition, he actively works on independent projects.

Karen ArtYan

In 2019, Karen launched his physical clothing brand, KAY, with a fashion show, which was worn by famous artists. The clothing was presented at exhibitions as a work of art. Under the KAY Lab brand, he fulfills orders for major companies and brands and collaborates with unique artists. In 2022, he launched an NFT clothing collection on OpenSea.

The digital collection, as well as subsequent works, have been exhibited at five exhibitions in Moscow, as well as at the Goldshteyn Saatort Gallery in Paris and Armenia. His latest work participated in an exhibition in Dubai as part of Digital Fashion Exhibs.
Цифровая обувь от дизайнера Карена Артяна
First KAY Lab CC 3.2 Base sneaker. The feature of these sneakers is the interchangeable back part of the sole on a comfortable mechanism.

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Tony D

3D-визуализация аватара и одежды в зимней локации
Tony D - диджитал художник, родом из Казахстана, который пришел в цифровую моду и 3D, изучая фэшн-дизайн.
Tony D is a digital artist from Kazakhstan who transitioned into digital fashion and 3D through fashion design studies. The artwork "JENIMPAZ" explores the theme of duality, where masculine masculinity blends with the continuity of my people's traditions and their integration into the modern world. The artwork is imbued with my life background in Kazakhstan, where nature is so diverse that you can immediately see how sand dunes and steppes coexist with mountains and snow, and patriarchal, established visions interact with the realities and trends of the new world.

Through this metaphor, I wanted to reflect how modern men's fashion undergoes a blending of identity and sexuality, connecting this process with the mentality of my roots.

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Чёрный цифровой наряд с большими плечами от дизайнера
Hello! My name is Dinara. I came into the world of 3D from architecture, and it greatly helps me find interesting compositional solutions. For the Russian Creative Week, I chose works that showcase symmetry and organic forms, reflecting the beauty of natural elements.

Through my designs, I strive to provide people with the opportunity to express themselves and connect with nature in a unique and innovative way.

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Александр Курманин

Визуализация цифрового ателье с одеждой дизайнера
This artwork was inspired by the album Chromatica. The rhythmic sounds of the music are depicted in the repetitive pattern of folds and the costume's shape, while references to the main theme, the planet Chromatica, are expressed through the color combination of the costumes. Additionally, the muscular architecture, lighting, and figurative element behind the costume allude to the concert tour that was associated with the album.

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Kai kai & Anya Krol

Зимняя 3D-локация с аватаром в трикотажной одежде

“Traces of the Virtual World”?

The project and collection are reflections on the influence of virtuality on the physical world through the means of information fixation. It explores the duality of life in the virtual and real dimensions. It is no secret that on the black market, valuable goods are databases of online purchases, which are sought after by major brands, companies, and holdings for consumer analytics. In addition, in Moscow, a system with neural networks and video cameras is being introduced to monitor people's behavior during shopping.

After analyzing the collected data, a supervisor will rearrange the shelves based on the neural network's recommendations. All of this led to the thought of the excessive fixation of information traces at present.
Цифровой аватар в виртуальной одежде от дизайнера
Regarding the techniques used in the collection: asymmetrical cuts serve as a reference to the dichotomy of virtual and real life, while body protection elements like long sleeves, high collars, and leg warmers demonstrate vulnerability through exposed skin and long side slits.

I want to specifically mention the print. The main character for the collection is a flamingo with a surveillance camera instead of a head from the project "Digital Guardian: Do You WATCH?" by media artist Petr Elgisser. With the artist's permission, I used his artworks to train a neural network called Stable Diffusion with the help of LoRa, resulting in a large number of images. I chose a flamingo with a raised paw for the sweatshirt print. This is how I envision the desire of virtuality to touch our world.

Working on the project with Tanya, we arrived at the idea of resetting the virtual space and the emerging societal urge for a reboot of the information field, freeing ourselves from databases.

KAI KAI - a digital fashion brand established in 2020, became one of the pioneers of digital fashion in the Russian-speaking world. It offers avant-garde digital clothing that is physically impossible in the real world. The brand is represented on digital clothing platforms like Dress-X and Replicant, as well as the NFT platform Artisant.
Anya Krol - a creative producer of virtual technologies. She created her first fidgital collection during the "Neural Knitwear" course. In collaboration with designer Tatyana Rumyantseva from KAI KAI, they visualized the field of zero data in the project "Traces of the Virtual World."
Project “Traces of the Virtual World”
Clothes/shoes: @krolik_anja
Visualization of UE5: @kaikai_design
Print: AI & @ooppaа

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Киберчеловек в цифровой одежде от художника

R3cycle F4shion

В далёком будущем, когда ресурсы почти кончатся, и даже кислород будет уже не так много - можно переработать любые сочетания материалов для 3D-печати новой одежды. Однако, это не значит,что она не должна быть стильной.
Футуристичная цифровая обувь из металла


Futuristic sneakers with a Mecha aesthetic and holographic material. With these, you can stand out in the cyber-future and even venture into space.
"I have been working in the design field for over 7 years, with 4 years in 3D. I have worked on various projects including architectural and product visualization for public spaces and consumer brands, animation for fashion brands, 3D screen commercials, VFX for videos, and even projects involving neural networks."

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Кирилл Урусов

Цифровая кратина художника с левитирующей девушкой в чёрно-красном digital платье
Hello! My name is Kirill. I have been drawn to visuals since an early age, and I have been heavily involved in motion design and VFX. I studied for 6 years at an art institute and developed my own visual language called Metapattern. I spent a couple of years working on physical content in this style, including body art. A few years ago, I primarily shifted to 3D motion.
The central figure in the artwork is a girl who embodies freedom and lightness. Through her, the artist literally says, "Find balance with yourself," despite the aggressive environment that may arise. Once you learn to accept the world as it is, then you can find equilibrium between yourself and the surrounding world. The author independently developed patterns for the texture of the dress, which were then transferred to the digital attire. Kirill participated in the "Horses and Roses" show and exhibited this work at the 2MRW NFT gallery, where it received many positive comments!

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Цифровая одежда на виртуальном аватаре plus size
Yulia Salnikova - a 3D artist and creator of digital avatars for fashion brands. It's hard to imagine a digital fashion project without a 3D artist, as they are responsible for bringing all the ideas and concepts to life at the early stages. Yulia is among the top 100 most promising artists according to DAZED. Yulia Befree and Yulia Salnikova created the first 3D campaign for the brand as part of the Befree Co:Create Denim Custom project.

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Татьяна Матиясевич

Цифровое платье апельсинового цвета на модели
Tatyana Matiyasevich is a digital fashion designer from St. Petersburg. Thanks to my experience in IT engineering and passion for garment sewing, I was able to merge these two fields into a unique form of digital fashion.

I became a finalist in the "Admiralteyskaya Igla" festival in the "Digital Fashion" category and created a digital dress for London Fashion Week in September 2022. I also participated in fashion weeks in the Spatial Metaverse 2023.

I actively collaborate with Style3D software and participate in collaborations with AR applications that allow digital models to be transferred into virtual reality.

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Карина Шарипова

Цифровой наряд чёрного цвета с металлическими элементами
Hello, my name is Karina! A year ago, I completed a course in Digital Fashion and embarked on my independent development journey, which continues to this day. I enjoy the combination of the real and the digital, so all the costumes I create can be "worn" in photographs.

The visual language of my work is very simple and can tell its story without my assistance. Harmonious combinations of forms, structures, and materials are my main tools.

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Игорь Старостюк

Цифровое пальто с объёмными рукавами и металлическим корсетом
My name is Igor Starostyuk (futuredeconstruction). I work in the field of digital fashion and currently hold the position of Head of Digital Fashion Department in the international project DOMWORLD. I specialize in creating digital clothing and environment design.

"Above the Water" is an exploration of the digital world within the DOM project. It showcases what clothing could look like on one of the islands in our digital oasis.

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3D-статуэтка персонажа в цифровой одежде разрисованной граффити от художника
My work is a reflection of key events that happened to me last year, and it is my gratitude to everyone involved. I can't categorize myself because I do a bit of everything and I can do almost anything. I enjoy paying attention to details in my work and try to carefully consider every aspect. I really love the color green.

I had the opportunity to participate with my works in exhibitions like Digital Fashion (Moscow) Project 22, Digital Fashion Dubai, and ReStore Digital Art.

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Napasio & Antipov 3d

Цифровые кеды белого цвета левитируют над травой
Multidisciplinary artist Napasio and digital artist Antipov.3D have collaborated to create a concept for sneakers that integrates the aesthetic of Napasio World's art universe into sneaker culture.
Цифровые кроссовки левитируют над камнем в скалистой местности
It is quite possible that these sneakers may be seen in stores and on city streets in the near future.


Artem Tkach

Цифровые кроссовки чёрного цвета с фиолетовыми вставками стоят на столбе
Still Alive" is a collection of digital fashion. The video features a digital character and a pair of RTFKT One Sneakers from the renowned RTFKT studio, which was recently acquired by NIKE.
Виртуальная девушка в цифровой одежде в 3D-локации сидит на дороге
The design for these sneakers was created in collaboration with illustrator Egor Golopolosov, and then Artem Tkach created the animated video and 2D animation.

Valeria Ori

3D artist, motion designer. Graduate of BA (HONS) Illustration, BVSHD. Recent works for MTS, Yandex Plus Children. Work: White Wind

Работа White Wind/ Белый ветер
Цифровое платье с оверсайз рукавами в абстрактной 3D-локации
The character is inspired by reflections on depersonalization as a response to the aggressive variety of current trends. The limitless possibilities of digital fashion allow for the embodiment of any image that can either emphasize the model's character or completely transform her.
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