Fayaz Azizov

As part of a short interview, we discussed with the artist his work, as well as the benefits and harms of artificial intelligence.

— Hello, Fayaz! Thank you for agreeing to take the time and talk about creativity, let's get started.

— Have you noticed that warm colors predominate in your works, so why did you choose a similar color scheme? Or does it depend strictly on work and mood?

— In general, I create works most often on emotions. From the fact that something inside wants to break out and show itself. And it's also related to energy for me. Therefore, I recently realized that I always do work in warm colors all this time. I think this is normal, it's just that most of the emotions in the works are very similar.
— I can't help but pass by the recent revolt of artists against AI, how do you feel about the active popularization and introduction of artificial intelligence into our daily lives?
— I treat AI normally. I think a truly valuable work that is created with the help of a lot of work and rethinking of topics, AI will not be able to fake. And those who stand still and create works without their own style and deep understanding need to panic. AI will definitely replace such artists. For me, this is just a signal that we need to continue working and put more effort into it.
— Do you use AI in your work?
— I don't use AI yet. In the near future, I may need this to speed up my work. But I haven't really delved into it yet.
— Thank you, Fayaz! We were glad to learn a little more about your work.
— Thank you for covering digital art, see you later!