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Digital work from Maxim Arnautov for re:Store
Author of the work - Max Arnautov.

Annual contest of contemporary art and mobile photography re:Store digital art

Description: Конкурс от re:Store для фотографов и профессиональных художников.

What's required: Contest organized by re:Store for photographers and professional artists. What's required: Depending on the category you choose (mobile photography enthusiast or professional artist), you need to create a photograph or a digital canvas and submit an application with your work.

Theme: "From Carbon to Silicon" - from simple organic life to a world filled with innovations. Application deadline: July 16.

Deadline: July 16.

Participation: Free

Prizes: Certificates to re:Store stores ranging from 20,000 to 150,000 rubles, the opportunity to participate in an exhibition at the Ruarts contemporary art gallery and in re:Store stores. More details about the contest can be found on the website.

More about the contest:
Персонаж из игры Mobile Legends на обложке конкурса для художников

Contest for the best skin for the character Kadita in Mobile Legends.

Description: One of the most popular MOBA games is hosting a contest for designing clothing for the character Kadita.

What's required: Participants need to develop an appearance for the character in the game Mobile Legends.

When creating the appearance for Kadita, participants should consider the recognizability of the hero both in the game and outside of it, as well as her own distinctive features. An application must be filled out and submitted according to the provided template, which includes visual design of clothing and weapons, as well as the appearance and character traits.

Conditions: One entry per participant. Application

Deadline: July 6.

Participation: Free.

Prizes: The winner of the first place will receive $5,000 and in-game resources. In-game rewards are also provided for the other prize-winning positions (about 100 places). More details about the contest can be found on the website.
Обложка из постеров для конкурса дизайнеров

Poster contest for the "Ciudad de Soria 2023" festival.

What's required: Create a poster for the international short film festival "Ciudad de Soria".

Theme: 25th anniversary of the festival. Painting, photography, or digital composition.

Conditions: The poster should include the text "XXV CERTAMEN INTERNACIONAL DE CORTOS “CIUDAD DE SORIA“ Del 10 al 19 de Noviembre de 2023".

Deadline: July 5, 2023.

Participation: Free.

Prizes: €1,000.

More details about the contest can be found on the website.
На обложке для конкурса красный дракон свернувшийся в клубок на жёлтом фоне

International Zodiac Design Contest 2024 "In Search of the Dragon".

Description: Beijing Center for International Cultural Exchanges has announced the 2024 Zodiac Design Contest, open to all participants. What's required: Create a 2D or 3D visual, website or application design, or video that relates to the theme of the Chinese dragon and Chinese New Year. There are absolutely no restrictions on format and tools.

Theme: Chinese dragon, Chinese New Year.

Conditions: No limitations on style and type of work. Application deadline: September 30, 2023.

Participation: Free.

Prizes: Cash prizes, diplomas, contracts, and statuettes.

More details about the contest can be found on the website.
Обложка для конкурса художников

"Aesthetica Art 2023" Award.

Description: Aesthetica magazine is seeking works that demonstrate innovation and creativity. They are looking for artworks that challenge and redefine the parameters of contemporary art and captivate the audience. There are two categories for participation: general with a prize fund of £10,000, and for students in the past three years with a prize fund of £1,000.

What's required: Create a visual artwork that corresponds to the theme.

Theme: Innovation and creativity.

Deadline: Main - August 31, additional (with an increased fee) from September 1 to 8.

Participation: £25 and above (if submitted before August 31), and more than £25 (if submitted after August 31).

Prizes: The main winner will receive £10,000, and the emerging winner (former student) will receive £1,000. There will also be an opportunity to participate in an exhibition and receive publications if selected among the initial 100 artists.

More details about the contest can be found on the website.
На обложке для конкурса художников девушка стоит на фоне картин, испачканная в синей краске

Международный конкурс PORTRAIT

Description: One of the most renowned contemporary art galleries in California, TERAVARNA, announces...

What's required: Create an artwork that corresponds to the theme.

Theme: Portrait.

Conditions: The contest accepts all types of artistic styles, including 2D and 3D works, painting, sculpture, digital graphics, engraving, fiber art, photography, printmaking, mixed media, as well as experimental and installation works.

Application deadline: July 15.

Participation: Fee of $15 for each submission.

Prizes: Guaranteed cash prizes ranging from $75 to $125 for 75-125 winning artists. First place: $300 - $500, second place: $150 - $350, and additional awards ranging from $25 to $250 for winning in specific categories.
More details about the contest can be found on the website:
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