SXEMA community presents

Exhibition of digital and digital art
at the Traditions and Сontemporaneity festival

20-23 June 2024, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
Anastasia Shishkina
Future in the past
Two extremes of time. In an ideal world, they could coexist and complement each other harmoniously, preserving traditions and innovations, giving birth to a new story.

Life after…
A fantasy on the theme of the future, where religiosity was combined with technology, and people learned to make humanity's dream of Paradise after death a reality, transferring their entire consciousness to a better world created by Human hands.
The horned kichka
A piece featuring the traditional Russian headdress "Horned Kichka". With the help of neural networks, the image of a girl is turned into a multifaceted palette of traditional Russian stories. In collaboration with the artist Yasna Klimenko, a creator of neo-Slavic headdresses, we explored the image of the horned kichka, fantasized about the stories and meanings it can absorb as an element of Russian culture.

Modern Dance
Dance in this work goes beyond the literal depiction of the body, movements, feelings and emotions of a dancer. It becomes a journey beyond time and space thanks to neural network processing. As the dancer continues her dance, she endlessly and effortlessly changes appearances, each of them revealing something elusively familiar.

Revitalizing the magical forest
The neural and digital aesthetics in the works of Polina Surovova work together to demonstrate the interplay between the animate and the inanimate, archaic and modern. In the Magic Forest painting series, an archaic medium is being transformed into a digital story with the help of neural network generations by Valeria Titova.
In this series, Polina studies an image of a woman taken from Slavic mythology and compares it with a modern woman, discovering in surprise that the ancient archaic creature is still there. Through animation with neuro instruments, the painting travels through the digital space, where it touches the modern transhuman world.
The digital medium is considered here as a space of modern mythology, where ancient Chthonic beings live on even in modern times, I believe that this is a space of new deification on an equal footing with science.
Intercepted transmission

The endless silence of the dark cosmic void.
The monotonous binding of the receiver weaves its patterns, lulling you to sleep.
The monitor flashes bright and a sudden signal of an intercepted transmission fills the room. The image is unstable and ripples, but if you look closely, you can understand what is depicted in the image.
A flower, a man, a circle, a cat.
A flower, a man, a circle, a cat.
A flower, a man, a circle, a cat.
Wondering in phantom remains of lost civilization that nature took back to herself.

Subconscious image of anсient wisdom and almost forgotten culture.

Hard Work
One and only thing that can bring flowers into space and open up new horizons.

Never ending journey through inner and outer worlds, full of new discoveries and possibilities.

The Manifesting Generator
A fine line between expanding mind and responding naturally to the flow of life.

Internum Certamen
Artwork about overcoming internal barriers, entrenched habits and mind traps.
I portrayed a cyber character whose appearance completely immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of futuristic technology. The main focus is on his cyber helmet, which consists of smooth and sharp lines, giving him an aggressive and dynamic look. The helmet is covered with a dark, almost black material that glitters with a metallic sheen under the light of white lamps.

The appearance and movements of the character convey the mood of the track, and the streamlined shapes of the mask and the blue shade reflect the overall style of the authors and their brand.

In the womb
I tried to convey the unique feeling of security that a fetus feels while inside the womb, creating an image that combines warmth, protection, tenderness and elements of aggressive cyberpunk.
Cyber City: A Look at the Future
This work conveys the atmosphere of a futuristic city where people and technology coexist in harmony.
The main character, dressed in a futuristic suit combining elements of human clothing and high-tech materials, stands in the midst of a bustling night city, filming his surroundings. The city around him is a mix of tall skyscrapers, neon-lit signs, and flying drones. Holographic billboards float in the air, and self-driving cars move through the streets. All this creates an atmosphere of the future, where technology has become an integral part of everyday life.
Mindbender's Ambition

  • When you isolate yourself from the world, you give up the opportunity to connect with others, to learn, to grow, and to develop. And finding someone who accepts you as who you really are, including flaws and issues, is the key to finding love..

  • Fall into endless night; a voyage into an ocean of nihility. The danger lies in hiding our true selves. Concealing our true selves and pretending to be someone else to please others can lead to severe self-destructive consequences. What is the point of this?

  • Your own thoughts can make you question and feel ashamed of your choices, even though it's others who should be reflecting on their own foolishness instead of judging you.

  • Go for the Stars or go to the Abyss! Some people act as beacons, guiding others ... I wouldn't hold on to someone like that.
Dmitry Listov
Future in the past
The world through the eyes of masters from the past with the technologies of the future

Successful success, luxurious poverty, imaginary fame and wooden money. Yes, it is all like stinking flies buzzing above your ears, creeping in, irritating your eardrums with the grinding of their vile feet.
They're trying to sow a crop of maggots between your crinkles to bring you to the holy altar of the Direct. Where you will carry a sack full of hopes and illusions mixed with money.
Unimaginable Age

This series is aims to juxtapose the archaic with the futuristic, trying to challenge the viewer's ability to understand what era these characters are coming from, evoking a sense of temporal disorientation. The characters' appearance consists of intertwining elements from epochs both familiar and foreign, thereby creating a canvas of fashion that defies chronological categorization.

I tried to picture the garments and other elements that are telling a story of an age that cannot be placed within the confines of our historical understanding. In some ways, the traditional craftsmanship of fabrics is reimagined through the prism of cutting-edge technology, like with the floral patterns that evolve in a non-symmetrical yet balanced way.

I perceive this is a fluid dialogue between times that have been and times that are yet to come. As if the viewer is invited to a masquerade that dances across centuries, where the whispers of the Renaissance can be heard in the rustle of fabrics, only to be met with the futuristic echoes of a world yet to be.
No face
The first in a series of alien humanoids, performed by me. Fascinated by the creation of unusual creatures, my choice fell on the creation of such humanoids, and subsequent animation. The creature's green skin envelops the metal base, revealing that it is truly from another world. There is a metal mask on the face, used as decoration. Organic and metallic are my favorite combinations of materials, like some kind of opposites of living and nonliving.

Alien Insectoid
A small alien creature that looks like some kind of insect, a bug, moving its paws. It looks slippery, and a little nasty. When creating it, I was obsessed with creating something alive, and giving it movement by animating a 3D computer model. Perhaps this creature could indeed inhabit reality, but it would clearly be other worlds, completely different from ours.

The last words you'll say, will they mean anything?
A blue-skinned creature from another world. His movements show emotions of sadness, sorrow, sadness. I tried to convey a certain state of mind that arises when there is no choice or in the absence of opportunities, when you need to move forward while being at a dead end. My designer metal crown of thorns adorns my head as a symbol of pain, a sting from external or perhaps internal conditions. The translation and the very title of the work - “Will your last words really mean something?”, means that in the end, nothing in this world is important, the viewer has the opportunity to answer differently, this question is open, and everyone will answer this way, as he sees fit.

The King
A humanoid with a crown on his head and a pendant on his neck. The design of the crown is made of thin spikes, the base of the spikes contains inlay with red crystals, the material of the crown itself is mirror metal. The pendant is also created in metal with spikes held in the center of a large red crystal suspended on a chain. The humanoid itself is created as something underground, cave-like and clearly hinting at a connection with his rights located in those places. Head movements and facial animation express his greatness and power. With his decorations, menacing appearance and gaze into the camera, it becomes clear who is the king here.

New Meta
In the future, AI will become commonplace for us. We will easily be able to generate various combinations of clothing designs.

From another world
Dear diary, finally this expedition has come to an end, after a long search... How wonderful it is here!
Gusakov Maxim / by MO
VFX Animation of 2023. I hate scooters, so write it down.
Memory Reboot
One of the longest, mysterious and abstract works of the author. Conveys the essence of the modern world after the advent of the Internet in wide access. An endless stream of information, short memories of the past. Someday everything will disappear and lose its meaning

Time is over
Time is over. Nothing lasts forever. Or is there still a chance?
Timmy The Robot: Lonely For The World
An animation about a small part of a lone robot Timmy's enormous journey through a desolate future world so far away that humanity disappeared there long ago. Timmy is accompanied by his faithful mechanical companion FuLi, a dragonfly who serves as Timmy's eyes and ears, guiding him through the barren wasteland
Damn True
Series: “UNTITLED”
My "UNTITLED" series of works is a collection of digital works that explore the topic of distortion and deformation in the world of digital technology. I use various programs and tools to create these works, including graphic editors, photo and video materials from everyday life.

I use techniques such as color mixing, glitching, image compression and stretching, and more to create a distorted image effect.

My goal is to show how digital technologies can be used to create distorted, unreal and fantastic paintings.

I hope that my project "UNTITLED" will inspire viewers and show them new opportunities in the world of digital art and teach them to see beauty in everyday life around us.


At SXEMA community booth, you be able to purchase physical works by artists such as:: Akopto, Damn True, pvkh3d, Valery Titova, Heavensssblade и Dinara Garaeva.

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